Storming The News Gatekeepers

Jose Antonio Vargas: NEW YORK — Aboard the crowded D train, rumbling into Brooklyn on the Manhattan Bridge, the inevitable rant explodes. A rant courtesy of Faye Anderson, whom we’ll call Ms. CJ, a.k.a. Citizen Journalist. A rant directed at us, Mr. MSM, a.k.a. Mainstream Media, for all our perceived faults.

“It’s not you, the journalist, it’s the institution,” Ms. CJ tells Mr. MSM. “You’re not telling the whole story. . . . You’ve lost your credibility.”

We listen, take notes, check if the tape recorder’s working. No telling what Anderson might do if she’s misquoted.

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2 thoughts on “Storming The News Gatekeepers

  1. OK, am I the only one who thinks the term MSM needs to be dragged into a bathtub and drowned?

    Seriously, it’s so overused, what does it really mean? NY Times-WaPo-USA Today + CNN-Fox? Daily newspapers+network TV? A journalism mentality? What?

  2. No, I certainly agree with you Keith. Somehow the term “media,” and “mainstream media” even more so, have garnered negative connotations.

    Personally, I prefer to be called “the press.”

    This story paints an interesting picture, suggesting that us so-called mainstream folks don’t like the citizen journalists. I don’t think that’s the case. I respect them as long as they do the job properly, ethically, and dilligently. The citizen journalists I don’t like are ones that obscure the line between truth and opinion, who think journalism is as easy as sitting on the couch and shooting off at the keyboard. Those are the ones I don’t respect. Journalism isn’t that easy, and shouldn’t be played with like it’s a neat little way to gain access or notariety.

    An old journalist I know made a good point. He said: “It doesn’t matter if the print edition of the paper ceases to exist someday. There will be journalism in some form, somewhere, and there will be a need for journalists to report and write it.”

    While our ship seems to be sinking some days, that thought is comforting.

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