Long-form Journalism Online

In the event your boss tells you to keep it short because nobody reads long stuff online, refer him to this:

One last note before the tale of the tape: These monthly memos quite frequently focus on our online-only efforts. But once again, as we’ve reported in past months, the significant long-form journalism that is a hallmark of The Times also produces many of our top-trafficked pieces on the website.

Christopher Goffard’s riveting two-part series recounting the ordeal of a man falsely accused of viciously attacking the mother of his young son took top honors among the most-viewed stories in June 2011. By the way, social media played a big, big role in this. Reddit.com accounted for the overwhelming majority of the readers to this series.

That probably would not have happened, however, had Deputy Editor for Online Megan Garvey not spent extra time prepping the story for the online audience. If you make it easier for visitors to read the story, they will. Readability is something we’ll be focusing on a lot in the near future, and, as we saw in this example, it will pay off.

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