Mayhem in Miami

Read his column: Smiling and hugging and screaming and dancing and blowing kisses and raising index fingers and pounding on their hearts and high-fiving and laughing and raising their arms in triumph, the best basketball team South Florida has ever seen held up the golden trophy at midnight here Tuesday night.

Mountain, climbed.

Basketball, conquered.

History, recorded.

Miami 95, Dallas 92.

And another: There is a mixture of angry defiance and unreasonable pride at the peak of the competition mountain. Up there, at the height of sports, you get your joy not from merely winning but by proving, overcoming, defying, silencing. It is why Glen Rice, Tim Hardaway and Steve Smith — some of the best basketball players in Miami Heat history — agree with golden child Dwyane Wade on this truth: It is more rewarding and fun and exhilarating to shut up a hostile arena than it is to lift one that is already on your side.


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