The Princess of Matamoros

You’ll want to read this one. Beautiful piece of work from Corpus Christi.

Mark Collette: CORPUS CHRISTI — Phil Rosenstein prescribed himself the only medicine he can fathom for a lonely heart: Honor her. Honor her ceaselessly, fearlessly, publicly.

He skipped wearing it on his sleeve and went right to the front of his shirt, emblazoned with Margarita’s calming smile and eyes like dark bottomless pools. The photo was taken at a dance, in embrace, but Rosenstein cropped himself out.

She died Sept. 10, 2011, the date etched on hundreds of ink pens Rosenstein has distributed at the senior center, at the Robert Drive H-E-B, to the staff of the Taquería Acapulco — to anyone who will stop and listen and to anyone who won’t.

Each question about the shirt, about the pens, about the yearning old man in the same corner table on every visit to the taquería, is another invitation to extol Margarita.

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