10 thoughts on “Good Work

  1. cheating, but I’d start with Weingarten’s new story.

    Also, I was a big fan of Barry Bearak’s piece on the distance-running girls.

    Also, Anne Hull’s stories from Sandy.

    Also, Joan Garrett’s story about a Baptist minister dealing with his son’s sexuality and death from AIDS.

    Also, if This Land Press counts as a newspaper, then Kiera Feldman’s Grace in Broken Arrow.

    Also, Brady Dennis and Eli Saslow had excellent stories following the Aurora shootings.

    Also, Will Hobson and a pig. Erin Sullivan and the 9/11 survivor. And Ben and the FAMU crossing.

  2. Kelley’s story. Stunning. One of the most beautiful things I’ve read. It gripped me from the beginning and then those little fingers reached out and grabbed me.
    Now I can’t let go. I can’t wait for the rest.

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