Missing Mom: Love, Jealousy And Mystery

Diana Moskovitz and Brenda Medina: It was Feb. 24, girls’ night out. Best friends Vilet Torrez and Clarissa Garcia went out to the Cheesecake Factory, where they ordered drinks and split a slice of cheesecake.

They laughed and chatted and caught up on the things best friends talk about over drinks and desserts: their families, their children, their marriages.

And, yet again, Garcia advised her friend she had to leave her husband.

She was tired of hearing the stories of how Cid Torrez beat her and then swore every time afterward he would never do it again. She was sick of seeing Vilet with bruises.

“What’s it gonna take? Your death? A casket?” Garcia asked.

“Oh, my good friend, he wouldn’t do that,” Torrez said.

Torrez went missing five weeks later.

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