A Salute To America’s Newspaperboys.

House ad from the Jackson County Floridan, 1961, for all you kids who had a route back in the day. Be proud.

“You’re learning the importance of responsibility. You’re learning the value of money earned and money saved for the future.”

A Salute To America’s Newspaperboys (PDF)

2 thoughts on “A Salute To America’s Newspaperboys.

  1. just gonna link back to this http://gangrey.com/?p=2737 and copy Fagone’s comment:

    “jfagone on January 13, 2011 at 8:19 pm said:
    Concord Mall Road, ’89. My route is conveniently Orange-Julius-adjacent. Good thing, because it’s hell: house cats, swarms of bees, tornadoes, a jackhammering union mook every other block. I pedal it angry. The soundtrack is breaking glass, houses turn black as I pass. I toss my papers true and earn those sweet ascending beeps. Breakdancers bedevil me….

    Okay, wait… yeah, I’m thinking of Paperboy, the video game.

    I never had a route. Reading these stories I feel like I missed out.”

  2. Thanks for posting this. My first job was delivering The Boston Globe. Did it for three years until I got fired (for not collecting enough money on my route, and cause my pal Mike forgot to deliver for me while I was on vacation).

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