A Son Learns To Live Without The Mother He Just Rediscovered

Casey Parks (thanks, Emily): MYRTLE CREEK — Walter Dickens weaved through his mother’s boxes to answer a knock at the door.

It was the fourth one that Sunday afternoon, two days since he’d met the president and 10 since he lost his mother, Sarena Moore, in the shootings at Umpqua Community College. Like all the rest, this latest visitor brought something other than answers.

“More dog food,” Dickens said, peeking through the blanket that served as blinds. “And trash bags.”

Bullet, his mother’s service dog, had been in the classroom when a gunman killed Moore and eight others. After the killings, people wanted to help, so Dickens told them to bring Purina. Now the Husky trailed Dickens through the apartment, back to the dark bedroom where Moore used to sleep. Dickens tossed the trash bags and the dog food onto his mother’s bed. He already had plenty of both.

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