Meet the Man Who’s Been Spoiling ‘The Bachelor’ for Four Years

Jon Caraminico in the New York Times: FRISCO, Tex. — A little more than a month ago, Ben Higgins, the warmly handsome star of the coming season of “The Bachelor,” got down on one knee at the Sandals Royal Plantation resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and proposed marriage.

At least, this is the information that, a day later, the blogger Stephen Carbone received as a tip from one of his many sources. A few days after that, after more reporting, he posted the scoop on his website,, spoiling the event — including the name of the winner — that will be the capstone of the 20th season of “The Bachelor,” which has its season premiere on ABC on Monday and won’t conclude until March.

“The Bachelor” is, ostensibly, a competition show with an unknown outcome, making this, depending on your perspective, the admirable work of a dedicated reporter or a shocking act of bad faith. But for the last four years, Mr. Carbone has been making a habit of spoiling the season for “The Bachelor” and its spinoffs in their entirety before they even begin airing, making him the foremost authority on one of reality TV’s signature franchises — and also a thorn in the side of its producers and network.


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